Our Commitment to Cause No Harm


A philosophy that is a part of our corporate DNA

RSC's Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Management System is a fully integrated management system founded on Behavioral Based Safety - and 'Cause No Harm' is the philosophy at the heart of it all.
Cause No Harm is the core philosophy that RSC embraces unconditionally. We see it as the linchpin for all aspects of our organisation, encompassing our business conduct, ethics, daily operations and our overall corporate strategy.
Together with our core values of Integrity, Partnership, Long Term Relationship, Openness, Responsibility, and Innovation, Cause No Harm forms the basis of our Code of Business Conduct and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies, defining how we interact with our stakeholders - who include employees, customers, shareholders, vendors, government agencies, industry colleagues, the environment and the community as a whole - with the highest standards of ethics, integrity and responsibility.
The essence behind our philosophy is simple: Everything that we do will have, as our first consideration, the idea that it must Cause No Harm.
Cause No Harm to OURSELVES as individuals
  • Cause No Harm to OTHERS
  • Cause No Harm to OTHERS' ASSETS
  • Cause No Harm to THE ENVIRONMENT
  • Cause No Harm to THE PLANET as a whole
  • Cause No Harm to FUTURE GENERATIONs
By inculcating a culture of Cause No Harm within RSC, from decision making through to actions taken, we believe we have the foundation for executing all our projects to the highest standards of our QHSE Management System.